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  • M2- The Civil Engineering MasterMinds Bootcamp

A Clear Roadmap to your dream job as a Civil Engineer

Presented By: Seagull One- Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

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Absolutely Free !! Limited Seats....
Attention Unemployed Civil Engineers with less than 7 Years Experience, Civil Engineering II, III & Final Year Students, Diploma Holders & those with very little Experience....

Then let us join hands together & walk on this journey together....

We shall be organizing The Civil Engineering Masterminds Bootcamp at our CADD Centre- Nehru Colony, Dehradun premises on Sunday, October 31st, 2021 at 10.00 AM

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Only 16 Seats for the 31st October Bootcamp

What you will take away from this Bootcamp


Understand the present Job Scenario & hack the emerging opportunities


How to get access to multiple Job Leads


Exact method to crack the Job Market

Assessment Report

An appraisal along with your SWOT Analysis

Amazing Free Bonuses

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M2- The Civil Engineering MasterMinds Bootcamp Registration

1. This is a purely complimentary Service & we have a strict policy of not charging anything in return for this Bootcamp

2. We aim to provide customized Talent to the prospective employers from the Construction Industry. Our objective is to provide an easy access to curated data for prospective employers. Recruitment is the sole prerogative of the hiring Company and will purely depend upon the Candidate's Profile matching the needs & expectations of the prospective employer

3. We intend to guide the fresh & aspiring Civil Engineers to work on a Roadmap where they can get more opportunities to apply and succeed in finding their career path

4. We are purely Skill Training Providers and do not claim to be a Recruitment Agency

5. We interact with the recruiters from Construction Companies and try to find out their needs & expectations so that we may incorporate those insights into the Training that we provide & offer a customized talent pool

6. We do not have any agents or representatives and anyone posing on our behalf must be considered to be an unauthorized and fake person & anybody dealing with such persons shall themselves be responsible for any loss or consequence arising out of such dealing

7. An Employment Agreement is a Contract between the Employer & the Employee and we have no say whatever over its contents. The prospective employees are advised to carry out proper due diligence & be sure about the Employer's credentials. Any Employer should not ask for any monetary contribution for whtsoever reasons from the prospective employee before or after issuing an Appointment Letter

In case of any concerns, queries, doubts or to simply know more

Let Us Talk & Walk Together on this Powerful Growth Journey !!

NOTE: Please do not register for the Bootcamp if you are not sure about attending because the Seats are limited in number & some other willing participants might benefit from the vacant seat.
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