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Availability of qualified, skilled and professionally job ready Mechanical Engineers is one of the major bottlenecks experienced by the Industry & the recruiters. we at seagull one strive to tackle this problem

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The only Service Providers in Northern India who connect customized mechanical engineers to the industry

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We are proud to say that we strive to bring perfection to our Training & are far ahead of our Competitors

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WE do not charge a single Penny for our service FROM THE EMPLOYER OR THE EMPLOYEE

Do not let the lack of access to top class talent worry you any more

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CADD Centre Credentials

We are the Franchise Partners of CADD Centre, a 32 Years old Company having 650+ Outlets in more than 26 Countries and trained 1.50 Million+ Engineers during this period


World Class Courseware

The Course Material supplied by CADD Centre is custom designed with the help of a special Curriculum Design Team based on Industry interaction & Feedback


Top Notch Faculty

All our Trainers are qualified Graduate Mechanical Engineers handpicked after an elaborate selection procedure & refined through a special “Train the Trainers” Programme


Exposure to Live Projects

We expose our Trainees to real life experience by making them work on Live Projects & create a relevant Portfolio


Customized Training

We also provide Training in specific Software Applications based upon the request received from the recruiting Company

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DCE & B. Tech- Civil (DE) EGMPTP IIT- Bombay (35 Years of Industrial Experience)
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B. Tech in Civil Engineering from GEU- 2012 (9 Years of Industrial & Training Experience)
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B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Chandigarh University- 2016, Anurag is our Expert Trainer for Mechanical & Electrical Engineering related Software Applications with 5 Years of Experience

CADD Centre USPs

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list of COLLEGES/ UNIVERSITIES from uttarakhandto to whom CADD Centre training services pvt. ltd. have been Training Partners


  1. You sign an MoU with us to enter into an association with us elaborating on what you usually are looking for in the Job Candidates
  2. Whenever you have a requirement, you raise it via E- mail mentioning the number of Candidates you are looking for and if any special Skill or qualification is needed in addition to those mentioned in the MoU
  3. We provide you with a list of handpicked prospects possessing the required qualification & skill set within a period of 15- 30 Days
  4. You carry out the Screening & Selection procedure and engage the ones you find suitable
  5. We do not charge any amount either from the employer or the employee. Our only interest is the Training Fee that we earn from the Trainees in developing their talent as well as the satisfaction of having helped the deserving Engineers


  1. Even if you haven’t signed an MoU for association with us, you can raise a demand for Mechanical Engineers with us. However, the only drawback in this case would be that we might take 60- 90 Days to fulfill your requirement in comparison to the 15- 30 Days duration when you are already having an established association with us
  2. The MoU that you sign with us is completely free of any obligation or compulsion. You are not liable to hire even a single employee out of the list provided to you in case you do not find them suitable for employment according to your recruitment norms. We have a “no questions asked” policy about that

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are just Training providers trying to facilitate the connection between Employers & prospective employees. In any case, as per the regulations too, the verification needs to be carried out by the Employer only. The process is quite simple & easy and can be done Online

None; as mentioned earlier, we are not Manpower Contractors. Once the Employer finds the prospect suitable & issues an Appointment Letter/ Contract Agreement, it is totally between the Employer & the Employee to enter into mutually agreeable Terms & Conditions through the appropriate document. We will not be responsible or liable for any sort of legal or financial issues between the two parties

Not for the Companies who have a standing & valid MoU for association with us. For others, the maximum number that might be requested for is 2 Candidates Per Calendar Month

Nothing; we are just trying to help & act as a bridge between the Employers/ Industry & the prospective Employee. Though we keep on training a lot of Engineers regularly and would put in our sincerest efforts to fulfil your requirements, we cannot offer an absolute Guarantee related to the same. The dynamics between Job requirements & availability of matching talent is quite complex and keeps on fluctuating with time

Absolutely not; it is the Employers’ prerogative & free will to select or reject one or all of the referred prospects without giving any explanation

Time saving, Zero Cost & access to validated talent; as we would have already seen the prospective Candidates in action for quite a long time, it is quite understandable that we must be having a thorough understanding of his or her Skill level & knowledge. Moreover, the Portfolio developed by the Candidate under our guidance would be a good indicator of the level of his/ her proficiency level

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